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We comply with the highest standards

EU origin ingredients Clean water Natural and verified Strict cleanliness standards Halal standards Quality analysis

We make delicious, healthy and high-quality rotating seasoned meat skewers – doner kebabs from carefully selected and good quality ingredients, while paying respect to all HACCP and HALAL standards and strict cleanliness and quality standards, and following the traditional Turkish recipe in an environmentally-friendly and natural way. Our product range also includes other Halal meat products.

We comply with the highest standards.

EU origin ingredients

All ingredients used to make our products are of European origin and subject to rigid control regarding quality, traceability, health suitability and fulfilment of statutory standards and requirements.

Strict cleanliness standards

Application of strict cleanliness standards, good hygienic practice and regular machine and manual removal of impurities are the basis for ensuring high-quality, healthy and consumer-friendly foodstuffs.

Clean water

Prerequisite for high-quality and wholesome food products is the use of clean, unpolluted and potable water. Even though we have plenty of clean water available in our environment, we regularly perform monitoring.

Natural production and verified suppliers

We cooperate exclusively with verified suppliers, which rigidly observe the HACCP and HALAL standards and who grow ingredients in a natural and environmentally-friendly way, without using additives that are harmful or unhealthy to people and animals.

Halal standards

In the production process we pay strict respect to all Halal standards and use only the ingredients with Halal certification, in order to make sure our products are appropriate for the members of the Islam community.

Regular analyses and quality check

In cooperation with the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food we perform regular weekly analyses of health suitability of our products, and we constantly check the quality, which is very important to us.


The quality and trust in our production are further acknowledged by the compliance with all statutory standards and obtained suitability and quality certificates.

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